Matteo Campagnoli (Milan, Italy, 1970) is the author of a book of poems, In una notte fortunata (Casagrande); a play, Dioniso a Tebe, after Euripides’ Bacchae; a travelogue, Dispacci dai Caraibi (Quodlibet/Humboldt), and the screenplay for the short movie Il grande freddo. He has edited and translated works by Nobel Prize-winning poets Derek Walcott and Joseph Brodsky for Adelphi publishing house, and worked with Derek Walcott at the Italian staging of the plays The Odyssey. A stage Version (Odissea. Una versione teatrale, Crocetti), and Moon-Child. His poetry, translations and essays have appeared in magazines and newspapers in Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain and the US, and he contributes regularly to the cultural pages of the Swiss magazine «Azione». He is among the founders of “Babel. Festival di letteratura e traduzione” (winner of the two major Swiss awards for cultural promotion), and of the online literally magazine “Specimen. The Babel Review of Translations.” He is the recipient of the Mario Luzi Prize for poetry and the Achille Marazza Prize for translation.


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